About Us

Typhoon Risk Management (TRMI) was a British owned Specialist of global missions. TRMI provides Critical and Risk Management services and solutions to a number of Governments. TRMI has an established presence in a large number of Countries using the highest of caliber guards; Former Tier 1 UK/US Special Forces and Former SWAT Team Risk Consultants, able to deliver the finest bespoke services to our clients globally. From Protective Security Details and training to Intelligence support, TRMI provides a continuum of services that enables key agencies such as the Department of State, Department of Defense and to our NATO Clients including a number of International Governments to effectively execute critical missions. Since then, TRMI has become a division of National Alliance Security.

We specialize in deploying highly skilled personnel to remote, austere environments, and have completed projects worldwide; projects which includes RISK MANAGEMENT and CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

TRMI has achieved long-term growth through our strategic business success for our clients which together provide a complete support package that is designed to help facilitate the foreign policy initiatives, development projects, and commercial ventures of our clients. TRMI has differentiated capabilities which are built on our areas of expertise:

  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Management
  • Protective Services
  • Site Security Management
  • Escort Team Services
  • High Risk Management
  • Intelligence
  • Training
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Diplomatic Security
  • Specialized Services

Since adding the division of TRMI with National Alliance, we can expand and perform more services for our clients, Domestic or Internationally and employ more highly skilled personnel needed for ANY TASK. NASA and TRMI, as a Division of NASA, provides Protective Services to a number of federal agencies. National Alliance has served the DHS Federal Protective Services (FPS) throughout the United State such as, N.J. (FEMA – Hurricane Sandy), Indiana-DHS- FPS (PSOs) and Newark, N.J. (Justice Department) and many others.

Anthony Johnson
International Division/Business Development

Anthony Johnson’s Skype : TRMI.MD

Anthony Johnson was the owner of Typhoon Risk Management International. TRMI was a British Special Global Provide of Mission Critical and Risk Management Services and Solutions. Johnson has establish presence in a large number of Countries and is able to deliver the finest services for National Alliance like he did TRMI.

Anthony is a proactive, versatile and highly motivated individual, with a firm understanding of and ability to implement security and Logistical measures for both individual and groups and corporations in any environment. An excellent communicator and team player who has displayed the attributes of reliability and confidentiality applied with the confident Practical and flexible approach, adapting any task or environments.

Anthony Johnson presides in the U.K. but will be National’s Business Development manager and military liaison. He has worked as Country Manager for large U.S. companies like SOC. Anthony has worked in Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, africa, and has language Skills in Basic Dari, Arabic, and Urdu. Anthony has connections in many Countries which will enable National to bid into overseas projects.

Anthony has years of experience in Logistics and Security in many Countries and with his help will enable National Alliance to market into that area.

Anthony Johnson has received some of the Professional Training: Electronic Surveillance- ISS Training,Conflict Management, Risk Management. Crisis Management, PDS/Executive Protective-Xe-SOC-SMG PSS Trojan Securities, Mine Clearance Security-ISAF KAF,B.I.D. System Biometric Identification Device, I.E.D. Clearance Security-ISAF KAF, B6 Armoured Vehicle Training -Kandahar-Kunduz Baghdad-Iraq, Combat Training- Amphibious Craft Training, Convoy Security, Tactical Surveillance Specialist, MEB Advance Certification, Security and Defensive Anti-Hijacking Driving , Armed Escort Certification Camp Stryker Mayor Cell Camp Victory Baghdad, Conflict Resolution, Trauma Medic Training, Firearm, Pistol, and Rifle Certifications, Ambidextrous Shooting Skills and many more.