TRMI has decades of experience providing quality security services for customers throughout the world including many prominent business and government entities.

TRMI, as a division of National Alliance Security, is capable of managing security service contracts of every size and magnitude. The company is fully licensed and insured, and armed with an arsenal of prestige law enforcement experts. All of NASA’s facilities are fully automated with current technology, hardware, and software. The company is in operation twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week in order to provide excellent corporate-level site supervision and personal communication with all of our clients. NASA also provides dedicated program managers in addition to on-site supervisors for each and every location it services.

With a diverse and experienced team we are able to provide clients with the proper caliber of security officers and protection that they need.

We offer superior service at competitive prices. Our personnel are selected, screened and trained for your specific needs. To ensure that every security officer is properly trained, we have a state-certified training instructor on staff.

Clients can expect a close personal relationship, designed to ensure the satisfaction of our service. With many qualified people to draw from, we believe in carefully selecting personnel for each assignment.

Military & Law Enforcement Mentoring Services

Military & Law Enforcement Mentoring Services

TRMI are leaders in Military & Law Enforcement Mentoring Services, and have the finest UK/US former Special Forces and Law Enforcement specialists’ Mentoring Instructors available to instruct on a various number of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Counterinsurgency
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Guerrilla Warfare
  • Urban Warfare
  • FISH (Fighting in Someone Else’s House)
  • Counter IED Defeat
  • Full Combat Medical Training Advanced Military Vehicle Driving
  • Counter and Advanced Sniper
  • Marksman
  • Communications Signals
  • Logistical support with Documentation studies
  • Helicopter drills with evacuation quick reaction force
  • CQB Close Quarter Battle
  • CQC Close Quarter Combat
  • Weapons Handling
  • Livefire stoppage drills
  • Killhouse training
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Distribution
  • Diplomatic and Government Personnel Security
  • Detail training Hostage Rescue and negotiations.

TRMI Mentoring teams can assist at all levels with all clients/Government needs.

A full Mentor package can be supplied to Clients with our Mentor teams enabling them to monitor and mentor the client’s own forces over periods with evaluation reports in the field. TRMI risk management has a Unique Law Enforcement Mentor package that can be tailor made to any Client or Governments needs to include Narcotic eradications, Border force training, Counter-Terrorism, correct procedures for vehicle and police checkpoints (how to establish and maintain correctly). TRMI mentor teams have provided these services all over the world with great success with both classroom based lessons and evaluations in the field.

Site Security

Site Security

Typhoon Risk Management Intl (TRMI) is able to deploy a fully experienced Site Security team to any location weather austere, remote, or in any conflict or dangerous part of the globe. The TRMI management team incorporates Intelligence specialists logistic management and watch keepers who are overseen by the senior management team.

The Team Leaders are fully experienced Former Tier 1 UK/US Special Forces Risk Consultants who have served in the British and American Special Forces Capacity for over 10 years. They have experience in a wealth of Countries to be able to offer our clients the most cost effective dynamic and state of the art services worldwide. TRMI also has a fully qualified medic available to all teams.

TRMI is able to bring our specialist consultants, who are all Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Specialists to any of our clients sites, to ensure the Risks are kept minimal and our clients missions can function as they need to with the TRMI Code of ethics (Hearts and Minds) and giving our clients peace of mind.

TRMI had previously and are currently providing risk management and security solutions to a number of projects, but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas Projects
  • Diplomatic sites
  • NATO Bases
  • Reconstruction
  • Clients Venues and FOBS
  • Dam s and Power Plant Projects
  • Landing Zones & Air Strips/ Flight Line Security

All TRMI Consultants have been vetted to the highest degree.

TRMI is able to offer site security in any Operational Theatre, including: the United States Of America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Asian Peninsula.

TRMI is able to offer their unique and dedicated Security teams armed or unarmed to cover; Diplomatic site security and Military installation’s to any private sector client’s requirements.

THE TRMI site security team, depending on client’s requirements can operate a Local National Site Security Team.

The team will be led by a British Former Special Forces Team Leader. The team leader will, with the in-country management team, ensure the smooth and safe running of the client’s business. All TRMI Security Consultants have served within a Military Special forces capacity, or at a Police/Law Enforcement (SWAT) Capacity and with other Government Specialist Units. They have operational tour experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and as Consultants have worked in many other Countries as well.

TRMI has a UK/US Former Special Forces Team able to deploy worldwide at short notice to assist to any client’s needs. The TRMI team has a number of options depending on the client’s needs: from a site security team lead by a former British Special Forces Team Leader, to a choice of either a fully Expatriate Team or a Host Nation Guard Force.

TRMI has successfully had our teams operate on US- DoS- DoD and ISAF installation’s In Both Afghanistan and Iraq and Africa

TRMI furnishes all necessary equipment for the task in hand, giving the Client complete peace of mind. The TRMI in-country team structure, for any task, includes a highly experienced management team, a fully qualified combat medic for every team, an intelligence specialist and a logistic specialist. With a full in-country support team, TRMI also provides, at no extra cost, a fully experienced former UK/US Special forces Rapid Response Team (RRT) who is able to assist with any crisis response or incident.

Convoy Escort Team

Convoy Escort Team

The TRMI Convoy Escort Teams (CET) have a proven track record of implementing and delivering our clients cargo not only on time, but safely as well. Our highly experienced TRMI consultants have operated in a number of operational theatres, helping to deliver the cargo of clients by land, sea, or air. We help ensure your cargo is delivered to the destination of choice.

Should the clients have a cargo that requires security clearance, TRMI has the consultants to oversee fulfilling this requirement. The TRMI CET teams are fully monitored by the TRMI Team Leader, a Former UK Tier One Special Forces Consultant, who ensures the teams follow the TRMI SOPS and code of ethics at all times.

Personal Security Detail – PSD

Personal Security Detail – PSD

TRMI is a company that specializes in providing the finest Personnel Security Detail (PSD) for our clients. All TRMI Consultants are former Ex Military specialists and Ex Law Enforcement specialists with vast amounts of worldwide project experience that ranges from Diplomatic Duties, overt and covert, high ranking Military officials, hostile and non-hostile, various prestigious government dignitaries while on state visits and Middle Eastern Royalty.

Each of our Personnel Security Details (PSD) are continuously put through an internal intensive training and selection process, ensuring all operatives are personally vetted and prepared to represent both TRMI and the clients at the highest level.

TRMI follows a stringent system of procedures for preparation of each mission to ensure that all risks are minimized. All our PSD operators have a tremendous amount of theatre experience from all over the world. Their experience extends to both hostile or non-hostile missions in the Oil, Gas, and Construction industries, enabling our clients from all fields of industry to move and work freely within the country.

Our security personnel are proven highly capable of protecting clients, their property and assets, under difficult circumstances and on various terrains. We bring with us the most up to date equipment and communications to help and ensure the task in hand runs smoothly for our clients and for TRMI.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

National Alliance helps business and government leaders take immediate control of the crisis situation, stabilize their organizations, and accelerate and deliver on recovery. The best managed crisis is one that Risk Management with proactive work with clients to identify possible vulnerabilities and prepare them before a crisis begins. National Alliance, from natural disasters to reputation scandal, we understand how a crisis can hurt even the steadiest of organizations. If things are not managed well, a crisis could mean the end of some organizations. National Alliance can manage interruptions in the event of disruptions to productivity, schedules, disasters and more.

Plans are critical to ensure essential operations to carry on in the event of an interruption,and that damage to a corporation’s employees,government,reputation,assets and commercial viability is kept to a minimum. National Alliance can help from a fortune 500 company to a small business manage operation and crisis of every kind. Whether it’s employees, environmental accidents,we have the breadth and experience to help you. We teach how to recognize threats and identify individuals with criminal intent whether that’s a result of mental instability or terrorism.

National Alliance has the experience to handle any Emergency Preparedness and Response. The Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) awarded and worked together with National Alliance Security in Hurricane Sandy, in New Jersey.

National Alliance places an emphasis on communication skills, global awareness, management skills, critical thinking,, fast responses by management-staff- protective officers, under public emergencies,disaster and catastrophes and more.

National Alliance has the supporting tools,equipment, Professional Protection Officers and can effectively respond to any type of catastrophic/crisis incident , including, but not limited to:

  • Violent acts
  • Natural disasters
  • Public health disasters
  • Facility disasters
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • FEMA
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Corporations
  • Governments
  • Protect company’s core assets
  • Protect property,and employees of business / government.
  • 24/7 Crisis Response & Deployment
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